Title: Operations Manager

General description: Manage overall collections operation for City Recycler Inc. DBA Green City Recycler in Texas.

Specific duties:

  •  Hire and supervise employees to locate, assemble, and service clothing drop-off boxes.
  •  Organize and supervise the processing centre, including setting up systems, hiring and training workers (administrative staff, warehouse workers, and mechanics), and monitoring process.
  • Maintain relations with clothing drop-off box hosts and partner organizations through regular communications (visits, telephone calls, emails, and informational materials).
  • Promote the donation of used clothing through social media marketing campaign, public speaking engagements, and distribution of informational materials.
  •  Develop budgets and track cash flow; prepare monthly and quarterly statements.
  •  Track and analyze data of inventory to improve yield, keep operating costs within budget, and maintain service levels in line with community partners’ requirements.
  • Carry out administrative tasks such as filing permit applications, registrations, and government bids.
  • Expand operations through strategic management of the sales team.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration with 12 months of general office/administrative experience. Must demonstrate a basic level of the following skills with at least one month of work experience (full time or the equivalent in hours) or a semester of coursework:

  • Project management or coordination
  • Inventory data management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Accounting
  • Corporate communications
  • Delegating work and supervising others

Supervised by: Vice President

Supervising: 10 employees