Your Community Textile Recycling Partner

Green City Recycler is a textile recycling company that diverts used clothing, shoes, and other household items from the landfill. Through our efforts, we hope to reduce the millions of pounds of textile waste finding its way to the local landfill. Our program has helped communities and municipalities achieve their environmental goals.

Core Values

We strive to decrease the environmental burden of post consumer textile waste. Billions of pounds of textiles find their way to the landfill each year, even though nearly 100% of these textiles are recyclable.

Our program is based around the communities we service. By delivering convenient textile recycling we help communities reach their recycling goals. Community outreach, education, and fundraising are integral to our textile recycling program.

By implementing recycling and waste diversion practices today, we hope to prepare future generations for the environmental struggles of tomorrow.

How are Textiles Diverted?

Underprivileged Markets 65%
Raw Material Processing 23%
Industrial Rags 12%

Meet Our Team

Shair (Sam) Ali
Shair (Sam) AliPresident
Mr. Shair Ali has been in the textile recycling industry for over 20 years. Mr. Ali is the founder of Green City Recycler and is the President of A-1 Liberty International Rags. A-1 Liberty International Rags diverts 20 million pounds of used textiles away from American landfills each year. A-1 Liberty buys unsold clothing from major national non-profit charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army, as well as smaller thrift stores nationwide.
Kamran (Kevin) Ali
Kamran (Kevin) AliVice President
Kevin has over 20 years of textile recycling experience. He has developed, and oversees, a global network of textile recycling partners. Kevin is responsible for operations of key processing centers in the US, Dubai, and Asia. Kevin ensures proper delivery of Green City Recycler’s core values, and maintains the highest standards between trade partners.
Sam Ebenezer
Sam EbenezerCEO - Operations
Mr. Ebenezer has over 9 years of textile recycling experience. Sam Ebenezer has vital experience managing large-scale textile recycling programs including working with the nation’s largest textile collector and recycler. He has done extensive work in managing textile recycling programs for municipalities throughout the East Coast and Gulf Coast Region. Sam Ebenezer also worked in Malawi studying the used clothing markets in Africa.

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