An open letter to that pretty dress I threw,

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. Especially with the offer tag in place, I couldn’t stop drooling all over. My search for the perfect outfit stopped right when I wore you inside that lavender-scented trial room. The way you made me feel and the gentle touch of your fabric on my slender skin was the closest to the euphoria I could think about. I twirled and tiptoed in front of the mirror and that’s it, you had the whole of my heart. You made me feel infinite and I took you home.

I wore you to the party next street. Turned heads and had attention like I never had. But… I later went to the store again, since the sneakers I had didn’t go well with you. And it happened. I met someone else and it happened all over again. I threw you to the corner of my closet and I never saw you after. It was so sudden and happened so fast. Christmas cleaning happened and I had to let you go. Honestly, it didn’t even feel as hard as it should have, given that I’ve been paying the credit card dues you left me with even then. But I did what I had to. I threw you along with other old buds that you shared the corner with and had the same story as you.

If only I knew better. If only I knew I could have given you a better ending. I honestly didn’t know that heartbreak would turn you this evil. Evil to an extent you destroy not just me but my entire planet. Degrading the quality of the ground underneath and the air all of us humans breathe, phase by phase and corner to corner in slow sequences.
If only I knew I could have recycled you and let you live a better life with a far more ethical ending, everything would have been different. The air might have been cleaner, the planet greener and my grandkids would have had a happier place to live in.
The girl who didn’t know better.